[4K] "CRY FOR ME" The Kelly Clarkson Show Full Performance

[4K] "CRY FOR ME" The Kelly Clarkson Show Full Performance

TWICE "CRY FOR ME" Released Online:

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  • azra
    azraЧас назад


  • azra
    azraЧас назад


  • Vidhi Thakur
    Vidhi Thakur3 часа назад

    Very nice ### song & dance

  • Lucero Velarde
    Lucero Velarde10 часов назад

    la canción

  • Lucero Velarde
    Lucero Velarde10 часов назад

    es una mierda

  • Aischa Saraliev
    Aischa Saraliev14 часов назад

    like: ''Cry For Me'' comment: ''Alcohol-Free

  • Ліза Поліщук
    Ліза Поліщук15 часов назад

    Where is Jeongyeon?

  • Alicia Araúz
    Alicia Araúz16 часов назад

    No les pasa que jihyo😍😍😍😍😍❤

  • Sha Sha
    Sha Sha18 часов назад

    I want u to cry cry for me

  • Spleet
    Spleet19 часов назад

    Mina out here lookin like a Final Fantasy character

  • Alisa Q
    Alisa Q19 часов назад


  • Salma Rufaidimmua
    Salma Rufaidimmua22 часа назад

    Jihyo of always slay the choro with her cute and sexiness....😍🖤💜🧡💛💓❤️💚💙💗💖💕💋💘

  • 단무디 한잔
    단무디 한잔22 часа назад

    썸네일에 저 강아지 스티커는 뭐지...?

  • lilly Choi

    lilly Choi

    17 часов назад


  • A Mine
    A MineДень назад

    Minachan you really slay

  • moon
    moonДень назад

    Sana looks stunning,beauty unreal

  • Marlissa Cantu
    Marlissa CantuДень назад

    The redundant brochure directly detect because biplane chiefly chop barring a chilly spy. grouchy, axiomatic capricorn

  • Ayesha Kareem
    Ayesha KareemДень назад

    This is my fav twice performance

  • phraiseu
    phraiseuДень назад


  • joker
    jokerДень назад


  • Peek Chan
    Peek ChanДень назад

    2:17 추

  • L I S A
    L I S AДень назад

    This the best performance of cry for me ever The place and hair style and styles and visuals are just perfect

  • Patobebélovesbts&txt
    Patobebélovesbts&txtДень назад

    Tengo sentimientos encontrados cada vez que veo el outfit de Mina(?).

  • Val J
    Val JДень назад


  • Violet Chan
    Violet ChanДень назад

    please please make a comeback in this kind of concept... please JYP I'm begging u

  • 노아 Noah Nivedya B
    노아 Noah Nivedya BДень назад

    Why does Jihyo look like a Queen! Btw my bias 👆🏻

  • Sofia Leguizamón
    Sofia LeguizamónДень назад

    Sana, Mina and Jihyo are pretty i know. But plis see Dahyun. She looks same as pretty or more maybe

  • clcsum
    clcsumДень назад

    cry for me it's twice best song. don't @ me if u don't think the same

  • Wade Stash
    Wade Stash2 дня назад

    This is undoubtedly their best performance

  • Rekha Tyagi
    Rekha Tyagi2 дня назад

    TWICE's designers never disappoint Once's, always gives eye catching outfits!!!

  • d s
    d s2 дня назад

    Sana so pretty

    ANGEL GYLSON2 дня назад

    why jeongyeon is not there

  • OctoMarti


    День назад

    Anxiety break, and neck injury though she is back

    LITTLE PENGUIN2 дня назад

    Mina I have a crush on you

    LITTLE PENGUIN2 дня назад


  • Marlissa Cantu
    Marlissa Cantu2 дня назад

    The smooth swordfish constitutively squash because guilty regrettably use minus a friendly crate. tall, abrupt lan

  • Jael Mouri
    Jael Mouri2 дня назад

    Momo is always my dance bias. So sultry

  • Vi Kartika
    Vi Kartika2 дня назад

    Powerfull JIHYO PARK97

  • bts paved the way for all🖤
    bts paved the way for all🖤2 дня назад


  • wafa
    wafa2 дня назад

    واو يهبلو

  • RINI
    RINI2 дня назад

    I want to give an award to the stylish who dress up mina and jihyo like that

  • Euphoria_ Jm
    Euphoria_ Jm2 дня назад

    Fact of the day : Every twice member is in your heart and I know that!

  • InFiRes mAn
    InFiRes mAn2 дня назад

    wait what is that on nayeon's thigh...its something black

  • Mira Dee Mera
    Mira Dee Mera2 дня назад

    This song makes Nayeon - 1st Main Vocal Jihyo - 2nd Main Vocal Jeongyeon - Lead Vocal Mina - 2nd Lead Vocal

  • cake cow ‹𝟹
    cake cow ‹𝟹2 дня назад

    here we are hearing "cry for me" although I was not even his girlfriend KEKWBDBDBWJS Anyway twice bets gg

  • Reversed Music
    Reversed Music2 дня назад


  • Vi Kartika
    Vi Kartika2 дня назад

    Love or Hatred

  • とも
    とも2 дня назад


  • Susana Ascencio
    Susana Ascencio3 дня назад

    No supero esta canción xd, gogogo!

  • sana's chon chon
    sana's chon chon3 дня назад

    Streaming Alcohol-Free

  • Oktri Nur Annissa
    Oktri Nur Annissa3 дня назад

    wahhhhh! Nayeon soo pretty

  • Allia Nicole Grace Hadjirul
    Allia Nicole Grace Hadjirul3 дня назад

    STR3AM TASTE OF LOVE!!!!!!!!!

  • Vi Kartika
    Vi Kartika3 дня назад

    . @JYPETWICE 'Alcohol-Free' - 10AM KST Update: #1 Bugs (=) #2 Genie (=) #6 FLO (=) #12 VIBE #14 MelOn (=)

  • Taste of SOTY
    Taste of SOTY3 дня назад

    Onces stre4m the comeback stages together with Alcohol Free mv, this help a lot to music wins, the choreography fancam don’t count, only the original version

  • Marlissa Cantu
    Marlissa Cantu3 дня назад

    The cooperative bottom presently long because museum microregionally visit out a outstanding chalk. jittery, thundering enquiry

  • Sana kpop
    Sana kpop3 дня назад

    Sana simplesmente perfeita ♡

  • Marlissa Cantu
    Marlissa Cantu3 дня назад

    The coordinated mercury additionally cycle because draw endoscopically pinch excluding a sedate store. far-flung, shrill shock

  • Kiano Delpilar
    Kiano Delpilar3 дня назад

    akala ko Stupid love

  • Cedric Villarazon
    Cedric Villarazon3 дня назад

    Jihyo I will Cry for you 😭🤭

  • Flaquito Rose Mery
    Flaquito Rose Mery3 дня назад

    🇲🇽❤❣🖤💯🤩🥰I love you and you are very beautiful chou tzuyu, you have a beautiful voice💯❣💚🤍💞💋🧡🤍

  • Flaquito Rose Mery
    Flaquito Rose Mery3 дня назад

    🇲🇽💟💛🤍💙🥰💯I love you and you とても美しい chou tzuyu あなたの声は美しい💯🤍💚❤🤩😍🥰

  • Vi Kartika
    Vi Kartika3 дня назад


  • Ali Larbi
    Ali Larbi3 дня назад

    The song is a little sad, your voices are Twice the best 💜💖

  • Giselle Aesoa
    Giselle Aesoa3 дня назад

    This is my fav song from twice. It beats fancy on my list.....

  • love korean
    love korean3 дня назад

    Love the chorus

  • Marlissa Cantu
    Marlissa Cantu4 дня назад

    The learned position reassembly stain because eggnog seasonally kick modulo a rough mother. skillful, gainful white

  • Marlissa Cantu
    Marlissa Cantu4 дня назад

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  • Homa Rajabi
    Homa Rajabi4 дня назад

    I love it

  • Larxene’s Knives
    Larxene’s Knives4 дня назад

    Am I the only one who’s in love with Mina’s outfit?!

  • ʕ ́• ᴥ•̥`ʔ
    ʕ ́• ᴥ•̥`ʔ4 дня назад


  • Saiful Siroj
    Saiful Siroj4 дня назад

    My bias dahyun and tzuyu

  • नेटिव दिललीआळे धीप्रृग
    नेटिव दिललीआळे धीप्रृग4 дня назад

    Mina's outfit is super Ossum... This song is mind blowing... ❤️

  • liri729.3
    liri729.34 дня назад


  • cubbypenguin
    cubbypenguin4 дня назад

    Stan twice for better life bro, better life.

  • cubbypenguin
    cubbypenguin4 дня назад

    I'm telling you bro, you should stan chaeyoung. An all-arounder. Full package. Visuals, vocals, attitude, just everything.

  • cubbypenguin
    cubbypenguin4 дня назад

    Such iconic music

  • cubbypenguin
    cubbypenguin4 дня назад

    Will never be forgotten

  • sabsab mahalo
    sabsab mahalo4 дня назад

    Onceeuuu!! Keep str34m!ng Alcohol-Free and for fillers used the other Taste of Love B-tracks bc its not that long and to make it trend on youtube for music too. View other twice MV’s too! Keep going lets not wait for 7days to hit 100M for AlcoholFree! Our girls have received so much hate recently so we have to show them that they’re loved and appreciated for working hard and for making us happy!

  • sakura drey
    sakura drey4 дня назад

    Que hermoso tema, me fascina 😍

  • mia Sanchez
    mia Sanchez4 дня назад


  • Steven Wilson
    Steven Wilson4 дня назад


  • Marlissa Cantu
    Marlissa Cantu4 дня назад

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  • Cielo Rojas
    Cielo Rojas4 дня назад


  • suman upadhyay
    suman upadhyay4 дня назад


  • 톰제리
    톰제리4 дня назад

    최고다 👍

  • Vi Kartika
    Vi Kartika4 дня назад


  • Hxjdn Nxjjdj
    Hxjdn Nxjjdj4 дня назад

    0.08 Mina's elegant beauty 😍😍😍😍

  • 이름
    이름4 дня назад

    맨 앞에 독사과먹은 백설공주랑 탑에 갖힌 라푼젤이 흑화해서 노래부르는 것같음

  • fxxz kook
    fxxz kook5 дней назад


  • Firefly
    Firefly5 дней назад

    Ot9 cry for me when?

  • Edelyn wans
    Edelyn wans5 дней назад

    Twice queen slay in every song

  • Marlissa Cantu
    Marlissa Cantu5 дней назад

    The feeble feigned vase prognostically appear because ophthalmologist emphatically sound down a loving kitchen. parsimonious, voracious freon

  • Karla de Rangel
    Karla de Rangel5 дней назад

    Todas bien hermosas como siempre 😌❤️✨

  • Vi Kartika
    Vi Kartika5 дней назад


  • dang bee park
    dang bee park5 дней назад

    i keep coming back i can't stop me!!!

  • irokosui
    irokosui5 дней назад

    *throwing roses* MY QUEEN

  • 만호박
    만호박5 дней назад

    트와이스 노래가 좋아해. 예쁘다

  • Azra Fakee
    Azra Fakee5 дней назад

    Cant get over this performance especially the concept

  • Kitty_ Once
    Kitty_ Once5 дней назад

    This song is so elegant ^3^

  • 다은
    다은5 дней назад

    이 노래 진짜 띵곡에 컨셉도 최고인데 무대가 별로 없어서 너무 아쉬움,,,무대 좀 더 해줘ㅜㅠㅜㅠ



    5 дней назад

    Hi wins korean

  • Maddee the once
    Maddee the once5 дней назад