Alan Walker feat. Iselin Solheim - faded Live

faded alan walker (Live VG-Lista 2016)


  • Илья a1k
    Илья a1k3 часа назад

    Alan go Moscow plz)

  • Sergio Cantor
    Sergio Cantor7 часов назад

    Si así cantamos en la tierra no puedo imaginar cómo cantan en el cielo ..

  • Ayumu Hamano
    Ayumu Hamano15 часов назад

    I wouldn’t call this live.

  • VAG Fanboy
    VAG Fanboy17 часов назад

    ISELIN ❤❤❤

  • phani v
    phani v19 часов назад

    Is she lip syncing

  • Trias00
    Trias00День назад

    Too bad it's playback. I wanted to hear how she sounds live.

  • canal damares criativa
    canal damares criativa2 дня назад

    Amei 💜💜💛💛💛

  • fabian portillo pereda
    fabian portillo pereda2 дня назад


  • Gameplay 4 fun
    Gameplay 4 fun2 дня назад

    Is this in Norway?

  • Gameplay 4 fun
    Gameplay 4 fun2 дня назад

    Wow!! You were only 19 when you performed Faded? Never seen such thing

  • Playwell3bro2
    Playwell3bro22 дня назад

    She has a voice that god gifted her 🥺

    NABRES NAFETS DX3 дня назад

    Much better than chrissy's remix

  • Kavitha
    Kavitha3 дня назад

    Any one watching 2021

  • Golden Eagle
    Golden Eagle4 дня назад

    Fact she is real singer of faded

  • Nimbo Playz
    Nimbo Playz4 дня назад

    I'm leaving this comment here so every time someone likes it i can listen to this master piece when i grow up

  • Faka Zt
    Faka Zt4 дня назад

    Wow this is it the real voice of faded i like it

  • Jairo Carvalho
    Jairo Carvalho4 дня назад

    Música linda e a cantora também é linda

  • Jairo Carvalho
    Jairo Carvalho4 дня назад

    Música linda e a cantora também é linda

  • Salah Abdal
    Salah Abdal5 дней назад

    Wow super very very good very nice you are all my heart ❤💙💜💖💔💔🇮🇶🇮🇶🇮🇶👍👍👍👍👍👍👍❣❣❣❣❣❣I love so much Alan you are more beautiful than a rose

  • Sameer Siddiqui
    Sameer Siddiqui5 дней назад

    I love this song

  • Giovanni Cirillo
    Giovanni Cirillo5 дней назад

    Doesn't sound 'live' at all to me... But still a good song

  • alone  alone
    alone alone5 дней назад

    Yes, this is the life of a devil who has made life attractive to them, and with the latter, they will be among the losers. Woe to them, the followers of Satan

  • Amjad hussain
    Amjad hussain5 дней назад

    Alan walker and singer are very good singer and musicians

  • Amjad hussain
    Amjad hussain5 дней назад

    I like this singer and Alan walker

  • Juan Escalante
    Juan Escalante6 дней назад


  • Usman Sadal
    Usman Sadal6 дней назад

    Play back singing 🤣🤣🤣

  • Autumn Wallick
    Autumn Wallick6 дней назад

    They don't have a clue what they're singing. Or they wouldn't be so happy to sing about suicide/loss/addiction. It's enticing. It's beautiful. That's how the age old sirens work tho.

  • Autumn Wallick
    Autumn Wallick6 дней назад

    What a difference 10,20,30,40,50,60,70.. Years of life experience makes when feeling a song. For example I see smiles on these precious teens faces, as I should. But I'm 39 and these lyrics echo my husband's suicide and my life shortly thereafter. Why John ? and where are you now ? haunted me...whenever I wasn't faded. Whenever the monsters sat still long enough to allow me to hear or feel. Your eternal silence was deafening me. Ima turn it down with Jesus or Jesus is going to turn His light up to help me come out of these shallow waters. So many lyrics ring/sting true. It hurts 💔😢😞 a deeper dive... into Jesus where the monsters aren't allowed 🙏🙌😌 thanks Jesus

  • José Augusto
    José Augusto6 дней назад

    Iselin canta muito...

  • Khalid Hantosh
    Khalid Hantosh7 дней назад

    Missed the days before the pandemic

  • Alisha Mlilo
    Alisha Mlilo7 дней назад

    She sounds amazing. She sounds very similar to the audio. Even if she does she has a beautiful voice over all

    FREDDY TAMAYO8 дней назад

    Alan Walker es el culpable de que la gente use tapabocas.

  • 95winston
    95winston8 дней назад

    She is good and does this track justice

  • Догин ют
    Догин ют8 дней назад


  • SK Kedai Buloh 1
    SK Kedai Buloh 18 дней назад

    Where is the location of the concert?

  • SK Kedai Buloh 1

    SK Kedai Buloh 1

    7 дней назад

    @Vishaka Dhanore hahaha...I thought India...

  • Vishaka Dhanore

    Vishaka Dhanore

    8 дней назад


    AINUL MARDHIAH8 дней назад


  • series friends
    series friends8 дней назад

    My heart ❤️💜 is filled fully with this song what a beautiful voice

  • Vedad Vehabovic
    Vedad Vehabovic9 дней назад

    Not live.

  • mortal car xd
    mortal car xd9 дней назад

    Pure talent

  • Jefferson Alejandro
    Jefferson Alejandro9 дней назад

    what a true viking iselin Solheim...

  • Sandeep Kumar
    Sandeep Kumar9 дней назад

    🥰🥰🥰🥰 Love from India........

  • archana jha
    archana jha9 дней назад

    So much good ☺️☺️☺️☺️🌹

  • Veer Vijay
    Veer Vijay9 дней назад

    Auto tune..

  • Bikash Dhanuk
    Bikash Dhanuk11 дней назад

    Very nice song🔥

  • Galaxy
    Galaxy11 дней назад

    ❤ love you ❤

  • Sunita Sallam
    Sunita Sallam12 дней назад

    My fevret song

  • विनोद शर्मा
    विनोद शर्मा12 дней назад

    Amazing this song

  • carla carla
    carla carla12 дней назад

    Real one

  • Jaya Banerjee
    Jaya Banerjee13 дней назад

    Singer has best voice i have heard in my lifetime such a soft sound

  • Sahil 54h17

    Sahil 54h17

    9 часов назад

    hey u should listen my female friend voice she is also bengali

  • Rainsen007
    Rainsen00713 дней назад

    the most beautiful singer in THE WORLD!

  • Rainsen007


    13 дней назад

    beside me :-)

  • Masked wolf
    Masked wolf13 дней назад

    Her voice is so nice the god gifted her

  • ForensicScience Fan
    ForensicScience Fan14 дней назад

    Yeah, live.

  • Sunita Sallam
    Sunita Sallam14 дней назад

    O my got 😃😃😯😯😯😯😯😯

  • W. L.
    W. L.14 дней назад

    Idelin no está cantando solo hace fonomimica

  • Jonalyn Tularba
    Jonalyn Tularba14 дней назад

    I love this song😍

    YOUR RINGTONEZ15 дней назад

    Imagine this program in night full with these lights. Heaven 😌

  • Madhav Sharma
    Madhav Sharma15 дней назад

    she is clearly just lipsing is that called live ??!!! BUT NONETHELESS THIS SONG IS TOUCHING AND DIVINE VOICE

  • Anastasiia Yushantseva
    Anastasiia Yushantseva15 дней назад

    It is my favorite song! When I listen it, I recall my childhood!

  • xd sweet skelly cute💗
    xd sweet skelly cute💗15 дней назад

    so cute this singer

  • Psycho Facts
    Psycho Facts16 дней назад

    Not live...

  • Luciane Stuy Weissheimer
    Luciane Stuy Weissheimer16 дней назад


  • Nito Sanchez
    Nito Sanchez16 дней назад

    Ese sonido es muy bonito

  • Ahmad Azwad Mukhtar
    Ahmad Azwad Mukhtar16 дней назад

    Bom proveito

  • Ahmad Azwad Mukhtar
    Ahmad Azwad Mukhtar16 дней назад

    Top Gun striked .

  • alison sofi
    alison sofi 17 дней назад

    I'm lovin 'it

  • samson Li
    samson Li17 дней назад

    imagine having a loud as frick drone hovering to your head while preforming and listening to a concert.

  • Madication Version099
    Madication Version09917 дней назад

    Legends are watching in 2021

  • Jp Panni
    Jp Panni17 дней назад

    in reality this is a studio singer.not a live singer don't playback and I understand what's the difference...

  • Sahana u
    Sahana u17 дней назад

    My favorite song

  • Ciara i do not understand Tutu
    Ciara i do not understand Tutu17 дней назад

    I love her voice alot i will also like to hear her song with Alan walker again if possible to with BTS

  • Bandar
    Bandar18 дней назад


  • abhishek baghari
    abhishek baghari18 дней назад

    marvellous song

  • King
    King18 дней назад

    I am faded

  • Luciane Stuy Weissheimer
    Luciane Stuy Weissheimer19 дней назад

    Cantora gata

  • Mohit Pathania
    Mohit Pathania19 дней назад

    Old memories ❣️

  • Siyah's Universal Blog
    Siyah's Universal Blog19 дней назад

    The weather even seems to get Bewitched by the is fading in her voice..... I'm lost ...... I'm lost..... I'm faded

  • Ваня Огородний
    Ваня Огородний20 дней назад

    Так как она спела не кто не споёт БОЖЕСТВЕНЫЙ ГОЛОС

  • Veni Moshika
    Veni Moshika20 дней назад

    I thought she is singed this song very very beautiful

  • K M R SAMY
    K M R SAMY21 день назад

    Famous ringtone (2017)

  • Veni Moshika
    Veni Moshika21 день назад

    I really like this song she sing beautifull I wish she sing many songs

  • Drive 🚗 Halt & Proceed 🧭
    Drive 🚗 Halt & Proceed 🧭21 день назад

    Very nice 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

  • dbonaire
    dbonaire22 дня назад

    Alan Walker was also a soothsayer...predicting pandemic with Mask!!!!

  • Kaustav Chanda
    Kaustav Chanda23 дня назад

    Lip sync... disgusting

  • Ahmad Azwad Mukhtar
    Ahmad Azwad Mukhtar23 дня назад

    Mission impossible

  • Ahmad Azwad Mukhtar
    Ahmad Azwad Mukhtar23 дня назад

    All in

  • omar canales
    omar canales24 дня назад

    y nadie se da cuenta de que no está cantando en vivo lol

  • Joan sofia
    Joan sofia24 дня назад

    Lots of love from India 🇮🇳

  • Hydrochloric Acid
    Hydrochloric Acid24 дня назад

    This sounds like original one.......😮

  • Vinay Kumar
    Vinay Kumar24 дня назад

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️ god givene fantastic voice 🙏🙏🙏

  • sanket holkar
    sanket holkar24 дня назад

    ❤😘Love from India 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  • Windows 3.0
    Windows 3.024 дня назад

    Her voice has got a miracle, Sir Alan too

  • Abdullah Mahtab
    Abdullah Mahtab24 дня назад

    Raguib Hasan Nohan Naguib Hasan Novan

  • Kieu Oanh
    Kieu Oanh25 дней назад

    Her voice so sweet. Love her

  • sukhbir saini
    sukhbir saini25 дней назад

    It is so so nice 👍👌

  • Yukta Chamuah
    Yukta Chamuah27 дней назад

    Wow 🤩😍😲🤩🤩

  • Yukta Chamuah
    Yukta Chamuah27 дней назад


  • Wilson Wilson
    Wilson Wilson27 дней назад

    What a beautiful voice

  • love jimin
    love jimin28 дней назад

    Yes yes yes soooooooo cute

  • Lima Daniel
    Lima Daniel28 дней назад

    Nice concert

  • Meghna Barman
    Meghna Barman28 дней назад

    I have this lyrics with the same voice