Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 Story Trailer

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A new war takes shape. Ready your defenses and cross into The Sideways.
After the Alien Mothership’s destruction, the Cubes crash-landed on the Island. They’ve begun spreading corruption, as well as portals to the dark, monster-filled “Sideways.” Fight for the survival of the Island… before it’s too late.


  • Minal Joshi
    Minal Joshi46 минут назад

    Happy birthday fortnite

  • Deshraj Nahar
    Deshraj Nahar58 минут назад

    Lot of sweats in solo

  • Jacob hu
    Jacob hu2 часа назад

    Nice, kevin is back bois!!!!

  • uthsala anuka
    uthsala anuka6 часов назад

    Anyon else watching

  • DarkAg3Killer
    DarkAg3Killer6 часов назад


  • Edwardfish
    Edwardfish6 часов назад

    I feel like i would be able to enjoy fortnite after a bit more time i think its sort of going in the right path

  • niddg viiut
    niddg viiut6 часов назад

    The foundation will most likely be back next season, I feel like he is the only one capable of taking down the cubes.

  • Laser laser fan
    Laser laser fan11 часов назад

    Pls epic games if you can see this please keep the new venom skin out the one with himself and the venom form keep it for 3 days 😔😔😔😔 I rlly want it I’ll get it in 3 days pls epic games 🙏🙏🙏🙏🤞🤞🤞

  • Laser laser fan

    Laser laser fan

    11 часов назад

    I beg you 🤞🤞🤞🙏🙏🙏

  • Oofer McDoofus
    Oofer McDoofus11 часов назад

    Fortnite would make but still everyone would hate it... And make meme out of it

  • niddg viiut

    niddg viiut

    6 часов назад

    mhm pbp

  • Ayden Dove
    Ayden Dove12 часов назад

    Remove raptors

  • Qwiknugget Gaming123
    Qwiknugget Gaming12313 часов назад


  • S Grubbs
    S Grubbs14 часов назад

    I finally had the venom skin now but I think you guys are going to give me a quest for V bucks

    PEPE AVALOS15 часов назад

    Fortnite can you add lil nas x emote and his skin

  • Shinigami
    Shinigami15 часов назад

    I really hope The Foundation will save the island till Chapter 3

  • Mystery Legends
    Mystery Legends17 часов назад

    A lot more people would play

  • Mystery Legends
    Mystery Legends17 часов назад

    Bring back old fortnite

  • Remy Calvin
    Remy Calvin17 часов назад

    Can y'all add actual fuckin* armor maybe I can actually play your game

  • Sebastian Flores Manrique
    Sebastian Flores Manrique18 часов назад

    Popiaste a free fire

  • minij hooi

    minij hooi

    16 часов назад

    Wayers Naruto

  • Sebastian Flores Manrique
    Sebastian Flores Manrique18 часов назад


  • Jay Jarquin
    Jay Jarquin18 часов назад

    So is the foundation one of the ailen

  • Speed gamer_one
    Speed gamer_one21 час назад

    i wish the map looked like this and we had big map changes it would've been a great season smh

  • SamTheSharkStories


    19 часов назад

    It’s still ongoing

  • Meme world
    Meme world21 час назад

    I really wish you give much lore about the aliens and stuff cuz the Alien invasion was cool and I really hope they would be more alien motherships and aliens I Hope so

  • Tara Lessa
    Tara Lessa22 часа назад

    I feel like this season could've waited n the other thing. Y is all 99 ppl have the same challenges. Omg ppl b cheating. Fornite i will continue to report. You cant get challenge done.

  • Tsamired
    Tsamired22 часа назад

    mhm pbp

  • livajowski
    livajowski22 часа назад

    fornite plis give me 1000 v plissss nick:Piotrek_toziomek :(((((((((((

  • The gameing squad
    The gameing squad22 часа назад

    Happy birthday fortnite

  • Pizza time
    Pizza time23 часа назад

    Happy birthday

  • Елена Гордеев
    Елена ГордеевДень назад

    Sorry season 19 fortnite free skin epic games

  • Елена Гордеев
    Елена ГордеевДень назад

    It was a joke I just want free Fortnight skin

  • ZZrae21
    ZZrae21День назад

    Hi fortnite !!! I wanted to level up till level 100 my epic user lion-hariss

  • April Dean
    April DeanДень назад

    My son wants the tacky wacky back

  • Killer Paul
    Killer PaulДень назад

    Wayers Naruto

  • ByeLamanburg X4
    ByeLamanburg X4День назад


  • FrostSyphon
    FrostSyphonДень назад

    so my prediction would be that the foundation who got "short-circuited" in the water, would return and have to do something against the aliens, maybe hes the one who FIGHTS the cube queen

  • Елена Гордеев
    Елена ГордеевДень назад

    I want season 19 end of the world fortnite

  • SamTheSharkStories


    19 часов назад

    Season 18 has only just started

  • Елена Гордеев

    Елена Гордеев

    День назад


  • POG chump
    POG chumpДень назад

    Happy birthday fortnite :)

  • Anime_edit…
    Anime_edit…День назад

    Guess im never playing fortnite again

  • John Ambrona
    John AmbronaДень назад

    This season sucks every game i got into was filled to the brim with ogs and sweaty players that produce enough sweat to fill up a ocean

  • tyronegg8
    tyronegg8День назад

    does anyone notice the fishstick is still there from season 7 story trailer?

  • Ninja_200_WWE
    Ninja_200_WWEДень назад

    I am so hype for the new season only because Carnage is in the game

  • Liminality
    LiminalityДень назад

    Gosh, their on season 8! I didn’t know I missed out on 14 seasons

  • Hasie Cureño

    Hasie Cureño

    День назад

    What season did you stop playing ?

  • Krish World
    Krish WorldДень назад

    Fortnite, you ar doing some great collabs, and i love it, but can you pls include some free stuffs, only pc could get it like you did in Ruby shadow bundle, i would really love that if you did it just like playstation and stuff.

  • Cube Monster
    Cube MonsterДень назад

    Its Cube Monster time!

  • Brandon Cunningham
    Brandon CunninghamДень назад

    Games getting worse and worse each update I can't wait for epic to finally ruin the game so bad everyone stops make sense why over half the people who played it stopped look what it went from to this, can't build no more now you build in the ground before you place a wall above it

  • Juan La Torre
    Juan La TorreДень назад

    Quit the fuckery with IOS and let us play.

  • Jen Cramer
    Jen CramerДень назад

    R.I.P girl default

  • Giulian Gallo
    Giulian GalloДень назад

    Bonjour j'aimerai bien que vous enlever le tourelle meci

  • Steven Wilde
    Steven WildeДень назад

    Can you more xp on challenges so we can level up faster because it hard to level up art this excact moment

  • ATA Abulawi
    ATA Abulawi2 дня назад

    Cubes has returned!

  • MANIO.100K
    MANIO.100K2 дня назад

    The best

  • XaiverHasClout
    XaiverHasClout2 дня назад

    Kevin bring his yellow mom. And blue dad and brothers and sisters

  • Harry Peter
    Harry Peter2 дня назад


    DARK SOULS2 дня назад

    Fornite fix that younycorn skin it looks like it's on drugs

  • Islands and bloxburg player
    Islands and bloxburg player2 дня назад

    Me realizes the fishy dies😔

  • Ryder Nguyen
    Ryder Nguyen2 дня назад

    Epic you need to fix Io guards they have aimbot

  • Jeff Fyderek
    Jeff Fyderek2 дня назад

    next season fortnite do like chapter 2 season 2 because i saw the top season was chapter 2 season 2

  • Ghoulvrxシ
    Ghoulvrxシ2 дня назад

    Rip headhunter 🥺

  • Nacho
    Nacho2 дня назад

    And that’s how Minecraft was made.

  • Devon Dookie
    Devon Dookie2 дня назад

    Can I get free fortnite mobile

  • Derek Ryan
    Derek Ryan2 дня назад

    Can you delete velociraptors

  • Mannyslacks 200
    Mannyslacks 2002 дня назад

    I can’t get carnage

  • Alan
    Alan2 дня назад

    bro the girl who was first shooting at the cube got bodied so hard

  • Jacob Arguien
    Jacob Arguien2 дня назад

    We don’t have many map changes but we did get the sideways, Kevin The cube, zombies, and shadow stones. Maybe epic games will be doing more map changes throughout the season…

  • Jacob Goodman
    Jacob Goodman3 дня назад

    Hey epic, can you please revert the XP nerf, The people that are level 300-500 this season we’re grinding like crazy, what they did is impossible for a casual gamer. I’m level 10 this season and it’s been 2 weeks! Leveling up is so hard this season. I just want to complete my battle pass, without playing 24/7. Because not all of us can play 24/7. But that’s why Fortnite was fun. Because you didn’t have to grind or buy all the tiers. You just had to play, which was fun. But now the game is more pay-to-win than an EA game. Please revert these changes. Also can you give battle hound pickaxe a molten style it doesn’t make sense that molten battle hound (and all of the other molten skins) don’t have a pickaxe (besides the ones from the dark fire pack) but the frozen and dark legends all have pickaxes. Thanks. Sorry for this being so long.

  • Diana Šandorová
    Diana Šandorová3 дня назад

    Epic what have you done with rhe xp sistem in the impostors mode you just ruined it im not playing that anymore

  • ilovegod 386
    ilovegod 3863 дня назад

    hey epic games can i sponsor you in my live streams

  • Tema_ Hollywood
    Tema_ Hollywood3 дня назад

    Верните старую карту или сделайте новую , что за сезон , почему вы учитываете мнения киберспортсменов ? А мы что не люди простые игроки ?

  • Ace Bautista
    Ace Bautista3 дня назад

    Call Nico Robin to read the poneglyph

  • bluebelly
    bluebelly3 дня назад

    By far the most boring season. Maybe even the worst. Bad job with this season. I could come up with way better ideas on my own.

    MARC BEATS3 дня назад


  • finley0400
    finley04003 дня назад

    just went into the sideways and got killed by zombies within 5 seconds

  • finley0400
    finley04003 дня назад

    i hate this season

  • Swirlix123
    Swirlix1233 дня назад

    Epic can you add naruto to the extra skins in the Battlepass

  • Swirlix123
    Swirlix1233 дня назад

    Epic you need to remove Raptors everyone hate raptors

  • Brook Wallin
    Brook Wallin3 дня назад

    I have a question can you make a skin that's called Alexis please

  • M1nty
    M1nty3 дня назад

    Petition for Epic to bring back old sound effects.

  • Banner boy 33
    Banner boy 333 дня назад

    All streamers get free wins all the time or just cause you give them to them you always let them stream snipe them and always let him get the kills on them that’s why they get so high kills why all of us are trying to play a game with actually got switched against them but all RUportrs just act they do not actually play the game they literally just sit there they asked if they want a few fails they get a few bales they want to win they get a win completely for free versing or bots can you fix this it’s on fair for all of us to play the game normally skill base matchmaking doesn’t even do anything I’m good at the game and then I get teamed up with literally bought the biggest ones in the whole world please fix this

  • 3 дня назад

    Theory: The Foundation in Season 7 will knocked out the Spire and was falling to the ocean. Season 8 the Foundation is alive Season 9 He is on the Fortnite Island Season 10/X He will Destroy the Island to Chapter 3

  • iiN3ly8
    iiN3ly83 дня назад

    1:03 TF2 Reference MvM trailer.

  • Cat Gaming
    Cat Gaming3 дня назад

    The new skins aren't very good just saying I don't like the new cross over line with the fashion

  • Mono Kendo
    Mono Kendo3 дня назад

    is the game now using UE5?

  • Izabelly Rodrigues
    Izabelly Rodrigues3 дня назад


  • Fly Eagles
    Fly Eagles3 дня назад

    Broo I said a while back they should bring Kevin back and half things revert back to like the og map for the og players.edit- but no og map I see

  • يزن KSA
    يزن KSA3 дня назад

    بلله رجعو الماب القديم💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔

  • Yafet Yemane
    Yafet Yemane3 дня назад

    damn Kevin got his season based on him he must be 😊

  • Nectovl
    Nectovl3 дня назад

    yea is new saison ......

  • The Retro Gamer
    The Retro Gamer3 дня назад

    Epic games could you give me the purple skull Trooper squirrel 2029 I play on Xbox my dad so lucky he got a skin and I didn't

  • Ikenna Umere
    Ikenna Umere3 дня назад

    This game doesn't make sense anymore

  • Micky Picciotto
    Micky Picciotto3 дня назад


  • Amaal Abu Gama
    Amaal Abu Gama3 дня назад


  • Amaal Abu Gama
    Amaal Abu Gama3 дня назад

    وا رلاؤلاياؤلابرسليلاءلاءرئيصبيلفلالللاالالارررررررؤءئئءؤررىةزططحخغسئء ىوظظةىلارؤؤؤؤ عهههههههه

  • Lightning
    Lightning3 дня назад

    False advertisement. The sky in game isn't like that

  • MARVEL future

    MARVEL future

    3 дня назад


  • K L
    K L3 дня назад

    We need a Star Wars season.

  • K L

    K L

    2 дня назад

    @Eric Cartman Gaming no there wasn't, there was a mandalorian season and a star wars live event.

  • Eric Cartman Gaming

    Eric Cartman Gaming

    3 дня назад

    there already was one

  • HolaSoyUnaCuentaBait
    HolaSoyUnaCuentaBait3 дня назад

    bring out a new style to the silence skin

  • HolaSoyUnaCuentaBait
    HolaSoyUnaCuentaBait3 дня назад

    bring out a new style to the silence skin

  • HolaSoyUnaCuentaBait
    HolaSoyUnaCuentaBait3 дня назад

    bring out a new style to the silence skin

  • Bella Coola Mountie
    Bella Coola Mountie3 дня назад

    I love fortnite it changed my life when I got it good job fortnite

  • Phantom
    Phantom3 дня назад