Jackass Forever | Official Trailer (2021 Movie)


  • Grzegorz Biesaga
    Grzegorz Biesaga5 часов назад

    a bunch of drug addicted geriatric patients....PERFECT

  • Katinka Princess
    Katinka Princess5 часов назад


  • AsHellBored
    AsHellBored5 часов назад

    These guys got their jobs at Walmart cancelled because of covid so they were like let's make another movie

  • maru yama
    maru yama5 часов назад

    the new big brother video

  • peter Fetherston
    peter Fetherston6 часов назад

    the bear looks hilarious

  • Franko Delpierro
    Franko Delpierro6 часов назад

    unbelievable how old everyone has become :D

  • itsFuckinLit
    itsFuckinLit6 часов назад

    wheres bam?

  • mmouseav8r
    mmouseav8r6 часов назад

    “…legends never die…”

  • Рональд Маккри
    Рональд Маккри7 часов назад

    Bam ? Where is Bam ???

    MIGUEL RAMIREZ7 часов назад

    BAM BAM BAM!!!

  • Casey B
    Casey B7 часов назад

    Where’s BAM?

  • Silba-Lo
    Silba-Lo7 часов назад

    As ridiculous as what they do is, they enjoy what they do. They've taken it to theaters, and built true friendships. It's incredible.

  • Jonas Colmer
    Jonas Colmer7 часов назад

    Free Bam Margera

  • donny hud43987
    donny hud439877 часов назад

    my stomach muscles hurt from laughing after i watch jackass!! nothing else on earth is as funny as these iconic comedy legends!!!

  • Teras_Kasi
    Teras_Kasi8 часов назад

    Jesus they're still doing this shit?

    AMJH 4LAH8 часов назад

    I can't fucking wait for this film. It legit looks hilarious. Was skeptical at first, and I'm a BIG Jackass fan. But this trailer has shown me i should never had doubted!💯🙌🏻🤣❤

  • Rei Ryghts
    Rei Ryghts9 часов назад

    why do women live longer than men? men...........

  • jtspiky
    jtspiky9 часов назад

    Bam margera at the cinema watching this 😥

  • Alex
    Alex9 часов назад

    That sign wont stop me! I cant read

  • Simon Ramone
    Simon Ramone9 часов назад

    ahahah you gues are nuts :D

  • Jiří Špachman
    Jiří Špachman9 часов назад

    And where's Bam? Why isn't Bam there? He was Ryan Dunn's best friend! I miss Ryan Dunn! And now, I miss Bam at Jackasss, too? Why? Why should I watch Jackass without another actor?

  • asteezv
    asteezv10 часов назад

    fuck yes, fuck yes. ive waited long for this.

    RAIDERS FAN10 часов назад

    cant wait to see it!!!!

  • Kentay Johnson
    Kentay Johnson10 часов назад


  • christopher Vance
    christopher Vance10 часов назад

    Bam will OD before this hits theaters...

  • Kevin Jenkins
    Kevin Jenkins10 часов назад

    "fail to prepare, prepare to fail" ahhhhahahahahah dear lord I love Pontius ... bring back WBs!

  • Kenny kendo
    Kenny kendo10 часов назад

    No bam bam

  • Make Something
    Make Something10 часов назад

    so much anxiety just watching the trailer!

  • Rae


    10 часов назад

    Ugh the last scene lol.. Ive been thinking about it for hours now 😬😰😂 i cannot imagine how awful thatd be eh

  • Christopher Ablaza
    Christopher Ablaza11 часов назад

    Before there was youtube. there was JACKASS. my brother and I would be itching for these episodes to air. Jackass is what defined our teenage years. You guys mean so much to anyone who grew up in that era. I cant wait to see this - Thank you for making it!

  • John Parr
    John Parr11 часов назад

    Where's Ryan Dunn

  • WuchedKruPp


    10 часов назад

    He died in a car accident back in 2011, rest his soul

  • Paimas
    Paimas11 часов назад

    Its a miracle they are still in good shape to even do a new movie

  • Red The Beard
    Red The Beard11 часов назад

    Man, they always go hard on Danger Ehren!

  • craig mahaney
    craig mahaney11 часов назад

    looks really good.Wasn't prepared to see knoxville with gray hair.Looks good though.

  • Jktu Ert
    Jktu Ert11 часов назад

    Do they have medical insurance?

  • Johnny Knoxville
    Johnny Knoxville11 часов назад

    Легенды вернулись)

  • Bear Bones
    Bear Bones11 часов назад

    Souless, can't you do anything that's good. It's like a bad magic trick. At the end of the day you have nothing

  • Big Papa BoomBoom
    Big Papa BoomBoom11 часов назад

    You fucked up Bam.

  • sourthief stealer
    sourthief stealer11 часов назад

    Knoxville is an Icon

  • sourthief stealer
    sourthief stealer11 часов назад

    OMG- here comes Johnny!!

  • Ultimate truth
    Ultimate truth12 часов назад

    Jesus loves u

  • B
    B12 часов назад

    Where is Wee man! I need my little people.

  • Monst3rCaptain
    Monst3rCaptain12 часов назад

    Is it even half of the orginal crew?

  • Barry Brennan
    Barry Brennan12 часов назад

    Let’s fucking go boys

  • Julien Durand
    Julien Durand12 часов назад

    Poopies is a great addition to the team! Awesome!

  • T. RA
    T. RA12 часов назад

    La crétinerie anglo-saxonne dans toute sa splendeur...

  • deniz Oz
    deniz Oz12 часов назад


  • Staz Tazz
    Staz Tazz13 часов назад

    Glad the got Machine Gun Keller on the trend mill.

  • Not/Applicable Band
    Not/Applicable Band13 часов назад

    Is it selfish that I hope this movie is 3 hours long

  • Aey Phan
    Aey Phan13 часов назад

    Please dont let the last clip be the main event

  • Тимур
    Тимур13 часов назад

    Im from Russia? im 32 and im glad to see them togethjer again!!! Damn this is tearless))) Fucking awesome, guys!!! THE BEST!

  • Chris Bott
    Chris Bott13 часов назад

    Going to be the best one yet!!!! Lfg!

  • Normylife
    Normylife14 часов назад

    fuck yeah. finally some shit to be excited about again.

  • lilsdon
    lilsdon14 часов назад

    I haven't larffed so much, since i buried the mother in law in the cavity wall hahahaha

  • Canin kelso
    Canin kelso14 часов назад

    It’s a shame bam won’t be In it

  • Gleu
    Gleu 14 часов назад

    This shit ain't the same without Bam...

  • John Booker's Full spectrum
    John Booker's Full spectrum14 часов назад

    Bam who?

  • iambenhudson
    iambenhudson14 часов назад

    Impractical Jokers do it better

  • futszasty
    futszasty14 часов назад

    Im so happy now !!!

  • john walker
    john walker14 часов назад

    Cannot wait!

  • Carlos Vega
    Carlos Vega14 часов назад

    Beautiful old days ♥

  • Raí Carvalho
    Raí Carvalho15 часов назад

    miss BAM

  • Jonathan Chapman
    Jonathan Chapman15 часов назад

    I’ve been waiting too long for this but they need to hire new people cuz I love seeing them get hurt. That the only thing I like

  • Erre
    Erre15 часов назад

    I curious about how Gen-Z it's going to take this xD specially if they don't know what's "jackass" ! xD

  • Tunesia 3sT
    Tunesia 3sT15 часов назад


  • Carlos Nieto dorado
    Carlos Nieto dorado15 часов назад

    Waooo son de mi juventud

  • LatinMessiah
    LatinMessiah15 часов назад

    Where's Bam?

  • Sam Cavoulas
    Sam Cavoulas16 часов назад

    Long live CKY! Where's Bam at guys?

    LITVINOV16 часов назад

    I realized that Johnny looks like Trevor Philips' twin)

  • Kenzo Tenma
    Kenzo Tenma16 часов назад

    Ryan Dunn forever

  • hen ko
    hen ko16 часов назад

    Now we just need Dirty Sanchez to return and we have the full set ☠️

  • Skyler Mallow
    Skyler Mallow16 часов назад

    If only bam was in it😪

  • Pettson 1989
    Pettson 198916 часов назад

    where is Bam?

  • Ramalho Moreira
    Ramalho Moreira16 часов назад

    Where´s Bam Margera?🤷‍♀️

  • King
    King17 часов назад

    Baguio é doido mermão.

  • hen ko

    hen ko

    16 часов назад

    Bam turned this down to be on Dr. Phil: Forever

  • Miller Time
    Miller Time17 часов назад

    Pretty shit how they didn’t invite bam To be in it,I know he’s going through some things just now but I think if he was in the movie it might have helped him out

  • fancya A cuppat
    fancya A cuppat17 часов назад

    I can't wait and also great video Steve - o on hot stuff top fan 👍

  • aspalovin
    aspalovin17 часов назад

    GEEEZ!!!! The bear!! lmfao. These guys are too much.

  • Fein Geist
    Fein Geist17 часов назад

    Welcome Back Guys 💪🥵🤮😫😡☠️💀🚒🏒🎱🪓🗡️💉💊🩸⚔️⚰️⛔🚫☢️⚠️

  • Bryan & Leo
    Bryan & Leo17 часов назад

    When ur broke so u have to do whatever it takes to make money🤣👎

  • charles martel
    charles martel17 часов назад

    Love the jackass crew

  • larryfine88
    larryfine8818 часов назад

    The stars get older, but the audience that likes this remains the same age.

  • Liam J. Arias
    Liam J. Arias18 часов назад

    I love the ending but damn, he needs to wise up!

  • Jimmy H. Manback
    Jimmy H. Manback18 часов назад

    I’ll watch this just to see that Pete Davidson dude get dropped. 🤣👍

  • No music RC
    No music RC18 часов назад

    The people who thumbs down this video shop at Walmart

  • jin lim
    jin lim18 часов назад

    nope. yall are done.

  • XENO
    XENO18 часов назад

    Not to include Bam Magera in this was just wrong, he was obviously upset about it

  • Cannasib Genetics
    Cannasib Genetics18 часов назад

    Cky forever 🙌🏻

  • Jeffrey Dyess
    Jeffrey Dyess18 часов назад

    Bam turned this down to be on Dr. Phil: Forever

  • Blake Barlow
    Blake Barlow18 часов назад

    Was that MGK?

  • andy kane
    andy kane18 часов назад

    Where the hell is bam

  • Maka Uome
    Maka Uome19 часов назад


  • I
    I19 часов назад

    Sadly, this is going to be the best thing to happen this decade. Not too sadly tho, because this is exactly what we need!

  • Putin's handsome twin
    Putin's handsome twin19 часов назад

    holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit

  • Teddington Bear
    Teddington Bear19 часов назад

    Geriatric edition

  • Muszkinson
    Muszkinson20 часов назад


  • Terminator t0mat0
    Terminator t0mat020 часов назад


  • You don't see an old man havin' a Twix
    You don't see an old man havin' a Twix20 часов назад

    Judging by the reaction to the bear, some of these seem fake.