K-391 & Alan Walker - Ignite (feat. Julie Bergan & Seungri)

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you can find the lyrics below.


Listen to the single here: radi.al/K391Ignite

Also, remember to check out the Prologue:

Director: Alexander Zarate Frez
Concept: MER (www.mer.as)
Produced by: MER (www.mer.as)
Co Producer: Good Company (www.goodco.tv)
D.O.P: Eirik Skarstein
Editor: Alexander Zarate Frez
VFX: Steamheads
Graphics: Simon Diaz
Grade: Jon Arne Storkås & Axel Rødningen

A special thanks to all feature artists and Thomas Hayes.

MER exclusively licensed to Liquid State

[Verse 1 - Julie Bergan]:
A million little pieces
Feeds the dying light
And breathes me back to life

In your eyes
I see something to believe in
Your hands are like a flame
It brings the sweetest pain (your palms, the sweetest pain)

[Chorus - Julie Bergan]:
Let the darkness lead us into the light
Let our dreams get lost, feel the temperature rise
Baby tell me one more beautiful lie
One touch and I ignite

Like a starship speeding into the night
You and I get lost in the infinite lights
Baby tell me one more beautiful lie
One touch and I ignite [x3]

[Verse 2 - Julie Bergan]:
So alive
Your touch is like the daylight
Burning on my skin
It turns me on again

You and I
Survivors of the same kind
And we’re the only ones
Dancing on the sun

[Chorus - Julie Bergan]:
Let the darkness lead us into the light
Let our dreams get lost, feel the temperature rise
Baby tell me one more beautiful lie
One touch and I ignite

You’re the demon in my mind
Like a fever, feels so right
Baby tell me one more beautiful lie
One touch and I ignite [x3]

[Bridge - Seungri]:
Diamonds are forever, but all we need is just tonight
We’re monumental tremors that can freeze the speed of life
Just like particles that's falling from heaven all over the stars
Hear you calling for me
Hear you calling me on from afar

[Chorus - Julie Bergan]:
Let the darkness lead us into the light
Let our dreams get lost, feel the temperature rise
Baby tell me one more beautiful lie
One touch and I ignite

I feel the heat as we collide
Like a fever that feels so right
Baby tell me one more beautiful lie
One touch and I ignite [x6]


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