LISA - MONEY, ATEEZ - Deja Vu, Stray Kids - Red Lights, HyunA&DAWN - PING PONG MV | REACTION!!!

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  • qaz7789
    qaz778952 минуты назад

    Hey Bro, I don't know how to get your attention but can you react to this song: Hello Hater by Namewee

  • Kim Soo Jae
    Kim Soo Jae59 минут назад

    Idk if Brisxlife deja vu Yuhno looks like Loves hot choreo by exo but with two guns

  • Kim Hyun Ah
    Kim Hyun Ah8 часов назад

    The fact hyuna & dawn wrote and produced their own album. That's sexy

  • Anthony Togans
    Anthony Togans23 часа назад

    You missed mama moo bro .

  • Timothy Morgan
    Timothy MorganДень назад

    Yo check out lisa money's performance video now!

  • Phelam Maham
    Phelam MahamДень назад

    Loved lisa song reaction

  • Jazmin Babers
    Jazmin BabersДень назад

    Eunbi from izone is a soloist now the song is door check it out !

  • Get Jinxed
    Get Jinxed День назад

    Solo vine por "Red Lights"

  • Get Jinxed

    Get Jinxed

    День назад


  • Zero Two
    Zero TwoДень назад

    Lisa is fire 🔥😍

  • yorya moon
    yorya moonДень назад

    Where's the nct 127 reaction sticker? 🙂

  • viktoriya Shlyakhtovich
    viktoriya Shlyakhtovich2 дня назад

    Please react to Panthepack -buzz mv

  • Lulu
    Lulu2 дня назад

    Lisa just made history taking the #1 spot on the USA “Rap Chart” knocking Drake down to #2! Keeping making history Lisa 💕💗💕

  • Lamia Tv
    Lamia Tv2 дня назад

    lisa is rhe besssst

  • ➪кιм נυимуєσи
    ➪кιм נυимуєσи2 дня назад

    Lisa's song is for her ex manager ahahahaha damn she kill it..her ex manager will shocked read the lyrics ahahaha.

  • canadianharuka
    canadianharuka2 дня назад

    Thank you for reacting to Red Lights!

  • bayu bgn
    bayu bgn2 дня назад

    My man misses STAYC

  • dhruv singhal
    dhruv singhal2 дня назад

    lisa's Money broke records with zero promotion, no MV, no dance video(till now).. this makes it one of the most iconic kpop songs.. GREAT + RESPECT 💓💓🥵🥵🥵✨✨

  • imamhambali sape
    imamhambali sape2 дня назад

    Lisa Money debuted on Billboard's Rap Chart with #1 and is one of the only K-Pop artists to achieve it.

  • lita Saeho
    lita Saeho2 дня назад

    Money song is No. 1 on Billboard’s Rap Digital Song Sales chart in US today.

  • Fire & Water
    Fire & Water2 дня назад

    Yo please react to pink fantasy poison

  • Not provided
    Not provided2 дня назад

    Monsta x - gambler

  • Clayton
    Clayton2 дня назад

    If you skipped to the part where he listened to Lisa's "Money" you must like my comment.

  • Bea O'blink
    Bea O'blink2 дня назад

    Lisa will come and drop her 'MONEY' on 22nd this month💸💸💸💸💸💸 But I'm not sure it has MV or not

  • mhia shari
    mhia shari3 дня назад

    Lalisa money 🙌🙌🥰

  • Ana Ana
    Ana Ana3 дня назад

    That one voice you're amazed is Jongho's vocal 😊 i thought it's San's at first because it's still on San's screen time but it's actually Jongho's

  • Avika Shukla 6 B
    Avika Shukla 6 B3 дня назад

    Money and lalisa are the best solo song I have ever heard in my life 🧬🧬

    KSTBOY3 дня назад

    That one time he called Jongho Yunho though. HAHAHA

  • Ahmad Arif Syarafi Rosli
    Ahmad Arif Syarafi Rosli3 дня назад

    Can you react to cravity?🥺🥺🥺

  • R.X
    R.X3 дня назад

    Hyuna parece una señorita millonaria de esas que son bien elegantes y hermosas, de estas antiguas que eran intimidades y hermosas

  • CindyS Henriquez
    CindyS Henriquez3 дня назад

    Hyuna my girl love her🥰

  • Taiye Goke-Edema
    Taiye Goke-Edema3 дня назад

    You rẹ a cl fan and u have not reacted to all her songs? We need to rethink your fan claim sir

    MÍDÕÜ MIMOU3 дня назад

    Relations Lisa 😍😍😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤

  • Korita
    Korita3 дня назад

    Reaction to Lisa money special performance in 22 sep 🥰🥰

  • Ali José
    Ali José3 дня назад


  • Talla .t
    Talla .t3 дня назад

    bris , bro , for god sake STOP TALKING while the freakin video is ON

  • Game T
    Game T4 дня назад

    Pleasee react nct127 - sticker !!🔥

  • R Chow
    R Chow4 дня назад

    I love your videos so much!!! Please react to the performances in Kingdom. I was so impressed by the 6 boy bands in the show, they are BTOB, iKon, Stray Kids, SF9, Ateez and THE BOYZ. They are all very talented and deserve more loves and supports 💕

  • Nikkie Keaton
    Nikkie Keaton4 дня назад

    I was waiting for Jongho to go off too, but you can see him go off on The M Countdown Live performance of this. I love his vocals too❤️

  • AnnaThePanda 12
    AnnaThePanda 124 дня назад

    Hello! I just want to say that a reaction to nct127 "sticker" would be so fun to watch! Don't stress yourself! Love you😊

  • Selenge Nyamkhuu
    Selenge Nyamkhuu4 дня назад

    The Hu wolf totem reaction please

  • 2X speed KPOP
    2X speed KPOP4 дня назад

    Nct STICKER reaction pls

  • zahraa_78
    zahraa_784 дня назад

    Queen lalisa

  • Mariana Rodrigues Cunha
    Mariana Rodrigues Cunha4 дня назад


  • carey velazquez
    carey velazquez4 дня назад

    It’s Wooyoung’s expression when he turns and throws San that get me every time. I think about it all the time. Hongjoong is at his best in this one. Don’t you love how they connect their videos to tell a story.

  • Brianne Alleyne
    Brianne Alleyne4 дня назад

    Love ping pong

  • Sail Lynn
    Sail Lynn4 дня назад

    Jesus is your way to heaven, he paid the price for your sins. Once you believe you are sealed and saved forever. Salvation is a free gift.

  • Sail Lynn
    Sail Lynn4 дня назад

    Jesus is your way to heaven, he paid the price for your sins. Once you believe you are sealed and saved forever. Salvation is a free gift.

  • 松下さら
    松下さら4 дня назад

    You should react to nct 127’s sticker!!

  • Kaila Neville
    Kaila Neville4 дня назад

    It gets me every time stray kids puts out a song. I just see how Chan is developing not only as a singer but a producer/composer as well. It has so many levels that it's intoxicating (music lovers understand). I love how Hyuna and Dawn are so open about their relationship and don't give a damn about what the public thinks.

  • Izabela Kaczmarek
    Izabela Kaczmarek4 дня назад

    Lisa hi from pl 🇵🇱😀😀

  • Asséta Sissao
    Asséta Sissao4 дня назад

    Lisa's "Money" is 🔥🔥🔥💗💗💗🔥🔥🔥

  • Ahelee Ghosal
    Ahelee Ghosal4 дня назад

    Money is a bop!!! I said what I said!!! That's all

  • Divyansh 8-G
    Divyansh 8-G5 дней назад

    Bro sticker reaction????

  • 마이노
    마이노5 дней назад

    Hyuna SLAYYYY

  • Whatta
    Whatta5 дней назад

    React to NADA - Spicy pleeeeease !!!

  • Whatta
    Whatta5 дней назад

    React to NADA - Spicy pleeeeease !!!

  • Whatta
    Whatta5 дней назад

    React to NADA - Spicy pleeeeease !!!

  • Bagus Top
    Bagus Top5 дней назад


  • Shagun
    Shagun5 дней назад

    Please react bts jimin and v friends song

  • Ohh Yea
    Ohh Yea5 дней назад

    red lights is so good that antis be putting it on replay 😭😩

  • hayden h20
    hayden h205 дней назад

    Can you please react to Kim Woojin Ready Now MV ? The MV and the song is super good and deep. You not gonna regret it



  • Love is Love Always
    Love is Love Always5 дней назад

    They sealed it with a kiss.❤ like you looking respectfully to Hyuna because of our brother Dawn.☺ Lovely couple and lovely reaction.

  • radhi kamarudin
    radhi kamarudin5 дней назад

    Please react to btob-i'll be your man, thank you

  • Goh goh
    Goh goh5 дней назад

    Lisa no 1

  • Asma SF
    Asma SF5 дней назад

    Now u need to react to juyeon's the boyz performance u should see me in crown u wont regret man

  • Raneen
    Raneen5 дней назад

    lisa money is everything🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🌤️🌤️🌤️

  • Maria R
    Maria R5 дней назад

    Touchin no poon LMFAOOO

  • Khairunnisa Khaleeda
    Khairunnisa Khaleeda5 дней назад

    I need u to react CL SPICY

  • Duc Do
    Duc Do6 дней назад

    Reaction to dimash 👌👌👌❤❤❤

  • Lil Ray Ray
    Lil Ray Ray6 дней назад

    You know who you're also missing out on? Oneus and Omega X

  • pOpoRING
    pOpoRING6 дней назад

    SB19 reaction when??

  • Victoria Lee
    Victoria Lee6 дней назад

    Sexy Choi San never disappoint me♥️😍He legit got posessed when he's dancing😏

  • highfallentv
    highfallentv6 дней назад

    Ateez Rocky so good

  • ChiChi
    ChiChi6 дней назад

    Lisa Money gives me Pour it up by Rihanna vibes!!

  • Rayane_.i
    Rayane_.i6 дней назад

  • dporcupine031
    dporcupine0316 дней назад

    panthepack reaction maybe? 😳😳

  • MøNsTeR 86
    MøNsTeR 866 дней назад

    ATEEZ- 01:42 LISA- 07:48 STRAY KIDS- 12:52 HYUNA& DAWN- 18:15

  • Pallavi
    Pallavi6 дней назад

    ping pong is love my god

  • aku siapa
    aku siapa6 дней назад


  • Krly Cazares
    Krly Cazares6 дней назад

    please react to key hate that

  • Aysha Albloshi
    Aysha Albloshi6 дней назад

    And One Day by Monsta X pleaseeeeeeeeee?

  • Aysha Albloshi
    Aysha Albloshi6 дней назад

    Bris can you do gambler by monsta x please, I’ve been waiting for your reaction on it long time ?

  • mbxo__
    mbxo__6 дней назад

    i agree completely about Yeosang, less lines but strong impact

  • Jehan
    Jehan6 дней назад

    can you please REACT to KEY's HATE THAT... ft. TAEYEON

  • Hooot Potatooo
    Hooot Potatooo6 дней назад


  • Baby Leo
    Baby Leo6 дней назад

    Could you maybe make a tutorial video on which Patreon to join or how to get up there because every time I go up there I get a little confused so please. Also I’ve been subscribed for the longest and live ur video’s🙏🏾💜

  • saydi
    saydi6 дней назад


  • Nia Wilson
    Nia Wilson6 дней назад

    Gambler by Monsta X is so good pls react

  • ateez san shiber
    ateez san shiber6 дней назад

    thanks for the reaction ateez as always perfect

  • Nadii_Behati
    Nadii_Behati6 дней назад

    I was thinking the exact same thing she will go crazy on the MV. They will not do a music video because it will be banned in other countries because she is so global. Lalisa is her statement in Kpop but MONEY is Lisa’s Vibe.

  • ɴᴋ
    ɴᴋ6 дней назад

    help im already screaming

  • Natasha Lott
    Natasha Lott6 дней назад

    We need a reaction to hyunjins dance cover of play with fire...soooo amazinggg

  • Tiffunny Stray Kids Noona
    Tiffunny Stray Kids Noona6 дней назад

    STRAY KIDS' RED LIGHTS is Chsn & Hyunjin's unit song ♡ it is TOO GOOD for a bside track :( I wish we had an ot8 version of this song, it's a MAIN TRACK MATERIAL ♡♡

  • Rosa Machicado
    Rosa Machicado6 дней назад

    The best is hyna's song

  • Joey Lopez
    Joey Lopez6 дней назад

    Reaction to nct 127 sticker mv

  • Oyan Ragyor
    Oyan Ragyor7 дней назад

    Drop some money!!!

  • jake smith
    jake smith7 дней назад

    Lisa is just perfect