MONSTA X Creates Their Own Hilarious Jingles In This Challenge | Delish

We challenged MONSTA X to come up with jingles for ~mystery~ food items in under ten seconds. From chicken, to chips, to chocolate the 'Love Killa' singers jingle skills were put to the test.

Check out their 'Love Killa' music video here:

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  • Anna Russier
    Anna Russier8 часов назад

    Changkyun is so handsome it hurts

  • Monsta 💜X💒❣🇦🇷
    Monsta 💜X💒❣🇦🇷2 дня назад

    SHOWNU TE AMO REY MIO. MI VIDA, MI AMORCITO!!!♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  • Monsta 💜X💒❣🇦🇷
    Monsta 💜X💒❣🇦🇷2 дня назад


  • zainx x
    zainx x2 дня назад

    Are u sure they weren't drunk ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ ♡♡♡♡

  • Kirsten Smith
    Kirsten Smith12 дней назад

    I never seen a big reaction like that from Shownu😂 0:46

  • Nunu’s Love
    Nunu’s Love15 дней назад

    I find this incredibly funny hahaha

  • Lee Jooheon
    Lee Jooheon22 дня назад

    Wow so hilarious

  • Mx MagZ
    Mx MagZ24 дня назад

    they're so funny and weird I love them 😂😂

  • Mallika Pawar
    Mallika Pawar26 дней назад


  • Alyare
    Alyare28 дней назад

    Monsta X’s Twitter handle is *NOT* @official_monsta_x *MONSTA X TWITTER HANDLE: @OfficialMonstaX*

  • C C
    C C29 дней назад

    Y is Monsta x this funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣 love u guys ...u r the best

  • Mariburrito
    Mariburrito29 дней назад

    2:42 when you're completely shooketh because Hyungwon left his interview trance state like for the first time ever...

  • 결혼도 안해줄거면서 다정한 행위 고소
    결혼도 안해줄거면서 다정한 행위 고소Месяц назад

    0:43 1:28 3:00 제일 웃김

  • Carmen uwu
    Carmen uwuМесяц назад

    I actually expected honey to sing "mandu ~ mandu mandu maaandu mandu"

  • alexandra perez
    alexandra perezМесяц назад

    jajajaja los amooo

  • Persona
    PersonaМесяц назад

    I think what joohoney did in the 'dumplings" section can be perceive as offensive by south Asian people...

  • Eigna Son
    Eigna SonМесяц назад


  • cheonsha
    cheonshaМесяц назад

    kihyun really be jooheon's hypeman those first few minutes

  • Melody Roberts
    Melody RobertsМесяц назад

    They make my days brighter than anything

  • Melody Roberts
    Melody RobertsМесяц назад

    I love them so much

  • Melody Roberts
    Melody RobertsМесяц назад

    This is so exciting, thank you for having my favorite group ever

  • MX MBB
    MX MBBМесяц назад

    Lol there is not a single normal person there.. Why are they like this? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Tiara Rahma
    Tiara RahmaМесяц назад

    Wkwkwk ngakak

  • artsy moret
    artsy moretМесяц назад

    Hahahahaha delish I've been wanting to tell you this but can you reposition the icon at the end of the video? 😂😂😂 you're covering Minhyuks face 😂 Thank you 🥰❤😍😘

  • Saru_blnco
    Saru_blncoМесяц назад

    😂😂😂😂me morii son los mejores jajajaj los quieroo

  • Kikii Mx
    Kikii MxМесяц назад

    This was too short I need moreeeeeeee

  • Kikii Mx
    Kikii MxМесяц назад


  • Kikii Mx
    Kikii MxМесяц назад

    Monstaaaa x kingss

  • ashok khatri
    ashok khatriМесяц назад

    Minhyuk's pizza😂

  • Elizabeth Cervantes
    Elizabeth CervantesМесяц назад

    😆😂😄 my God Monsta X is so funny, never get tired of watching them. There such a great team, I hope they stay together for a long time. We're missing Wonho!

  • Mari
    MariМесяц назад

    I love them lmao

  • Crystal Pauline Cambusa
    Crystal Pauline CambusaМесяц назад


  • Ariel Star
    Ariel StarМесяц назад

    Oh my goodness. This is gold. Jooheon, Shownu, Hyungwon, oh my 😂

  • Miruya Siakuji
    Miruya SiakujiМесяц назад

    love them

  • Go5raeBebe MONSTA X7
    Go5raeBebe MONSTA X7Месяц назад

    Jooheon and Kihyun jamming with each other While Hyungwon is dying out of laugh and Minhyuk is judging them Omgggggggggg *I LOVE MONSTA X*

  • Showmecook Ies
    Showmecook IesМесяц назад

    Thank you delish

  • Showmecook Ies
    Showmecook IesМесяц назад


  • Showmecook Ies
    Showmecook IesМесяц назад

    Pizza Pizza Pizza

  • Showmecook Ies
    Showmecook IesМесяц назад

    I forgot how many time I've seen it but still the funniest

  • Showmecook Ies
    Showmecook IesМесяц назад

    Nacho chips

  • Showmecook Ies
    Showmecook IesМесяц назад

    OHhhhhhh cook chicken in the kitchen

  • tweetypiglet
    tweetypigletМесяц назад

    MONSTA X IS "DELISH" ...the energy,talent ,hype for each other is on another level ..and another episode of min n Cucumberㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • CJ
    CJМесяц назад

    Ooooh boy, D.J H.One with the chocolate!

  • CJ
    CJМесяц назад

    Jooheon.... are you okay? Hahaha

  • CJ
    CJМесяц назад

    Uhm yes... I do stan this group hahahaha

  • Michelle Mendez
    Michelle MendezМесяц назад

    Joohoney’s twerk mode was really activated that day

  • Olivia De la Mora
    Olivia De la MoraМесяц назад

    Johoney is really a music producer

  • vale sap
    vale sapМесяц назад

    para un mejor vida stanea a Monsta X

  • MX Stan
    MX StanМесяц назад

    Monsta X will go down in history as one of the funniest groups in the industry. This was fantastic!

  • A. G.
    A. G.Месяц назад

    Hahaha this was such a fun interview! Way to go Monsta X!

  • redrubygirl7
    redrubygirl7Месяц назад

    Monsta X showing the world why they're composer kings

  • redrubygirl7
    redrubygirl7Месяц назад

    Honey's enthusiasm is so infectious, i love it!

  • HyunWooBebe M
    HyunWooBebe MМесяц назад

    Monsta X you are soooo funny I wish you would make a tv show

  • Ana-Maria
    Ana-MariaМесяц назад

    Meet Jooheon, the producer

  • Sylvia Lee
    Sylvia LeeМесяц назад

    Bacon is always morning. Thank you Shownu!! Could you use some chocolate? Thank you Hyungwon. The 2 quietest members are the most lethal.

  • Leila
    LeilaМесяц назад

    so adorable

    MONSTA X I GAMBLERМесяц назад

    how many did they shoot that day???😭🤣

  • arnaldo ALBA
    arnaldo ALBAМесяц назад

    ''A man's go with the mango'' HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA

  • arnaldo ALBA
    arnaldo ALBAМесяц назад

    This was too funny. Also omg showki are so funny they so nice

  • ari
    ariМесяц назад

    Hyungwon is super cute ...

  • I.mchangkyun 9961
    I.mchangkyun 9961Месяц назад


  • I.mchangkyun 9961
    I.mchangkyun 9961Месяц назад


  • I.mchangkyun 9961
    I.mchangkyun 9961Месяц назад


  • I.mchangkyun 9961
    I.mchangkyun 9961Месяц назад

    Bacon is always morning

  • I.mchangkyun 9961
    I.mchangkyun 9961Месяц назад

    Cold chicken in kitchen

  • Ness R
    Ness RМесяц назад

    HAHAHAHHA estos si son muy parches, me encantan!

  • MarchuG
    MarchuGМесяц назад

    Omg MONSTA X IS SO FUNNY ! I love it! Thanks Delish!

  • Xochitl Itzel Rosales Herrera
    Xochitl Itzel Rosales HerreraМесяц назад

    Estos hombres....!!! Casi me hacen escupir un pulmón.

  • IM ME
    IM MEМесяц назад

    Marmalade one is so catchy hahaha

  • 7jan Boy
    7jan BoyМесяц назад

    Generations of idiots is finally making its way into the world....

  • freako. S.
    freako. S.Месяц назад

    jooheon's hilarious, didn't lose his swag even during fun time

  • epifanny
    epifannyМесяц назад

    lol this was fun

  • mika celesté
    mika celestéМесяц назад

    Monsta X be like you guys need an advertiser/promoter name it we're on this vid is hilariously funny I was able to relieve my stress

  • nagpatukso
    nagpatuksoМесяц назад

    no, they're not noisy. they're calm.

  • Veronica Human Made
    Veronica Human MadeМесяц назад

    Están demasiado pendejos, los amo.

  • J.J. Min
    J.J. MinМесяц назад

    Talent, visuals, AND personality...thats Monsta X

  • Brenda B.A.B
    Brenda B.A.BМесяц назад

    Son los mejores para mi ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  • Aylin Moon
    Aylin MoonМесяц назад


  • 가브리엘라María
    가브리엘라MaríaМесяц назад

    My favorite jingle was the pickle pickle pickle hahaha, so funny Joohoney!

  • 가브리엘라María
    가브리엘라MaríaМесяц назад

    Feeling the good vibes of Joohoney, so impressed with his creativity!!

  • SeleSh Sh
    SeleSh ShМесяц назад

    Monsta X kings 💗💗💗💗💗🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • SeleSh Sh
    SeleSh ShМесяц назад

    Los amo jajajajaa

  • far ar
    far arМесяц назад

    Im sorry but who did the english translation??? When they speak in korean you just put "speaking in korean"???????? What's the function of the translation then?

  • MMgo5 MXMInD
    MMgo5 MXMInDМесяц назад

    2:07 kihyun..... 🤣🤣

  • MMgo5 MXMInD
    MMgo5 MXMInDМесяц назад


    HYUNGG BEBEМесяц назад

    Joohoney hahahahahaha so cute

    HYUNGG BEBEМесяц назад

    So funny 🤣

  • K Jaejae HW
    K Jaejae HWМесяц назад

    Joohoney you so funny hahahaha

  • K Jaejae HW
    K Jaejae HWМесяц назад


  • TurtleChae
    TurtleChaeМесяц назад

    Of course its easy for them😂All of em' are producer themselves especially honey and i.m😂

  • Melissa Juela
    Melissa JuelaМесяц назад

    Me encantaaaaaaa♡♡♡

  • A le
    A leМесяц назад


  • meshael A
    meshael AМесяц назад

    I cant stop laughing they are hilarious

  • Vanya Gurung
    Vanya GurungМесяц назад

    Please I want to find the hidden joke inside " hOt CHiCkeN cHIcKEn HoTttt "

  • Monno Antonella
    Monno AntonellaМесяц назад

    Joohoney is killing it in this games, I love them so much jajajaj

  • Laura
    LauraМесяц назад

    Monsta x dejando sin trabajo a los de marketing, jajajaja los amo

  • Melany Mendoza
    Melany MendozaМесяц назад

    I’m really un love

  • Leomon07x
    Leomon07xМесяц назад

    I love u monsta

  • Lee Jooheon
    Lee JooheonМесяц назад

    Jooheon so hilarious

  • Lee Jooheon
    Lee JooheonМесяц назад

    So funny