Stray Kids "강박 (방찬, 현진)” Video

Stray Kids(스트레이 키즈) "강박 (방찬, 현진)” Video

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  • Lee Taeyong
    Lee Taeyong2 часа назад

    Thats best*~♡

  • Lee Taeyong
    Lee Taeyong2 часа назад

    I listen that song everyday

  • Sundeep Kaur
    Sundeep Kaur2 часа назад

    This fulfills so many fantasies!!

  • tae4thehyun
    tae4thehyun3 часа назад

    put on headphone and listening carefully you can hear there's some crazy like laughter in the background at 2:17 - 2:35 especially the one at 2:30

  • bzinha
    bzinha3 часа назад

    Definitivamente perfeito

  • jam
    jam3 часа назад


  • Maťka Matuláková
    Maťka Matuláková3 часа назад

    *christian grey wants to know your location*

  • Roro Lee
    Roro Lee3 часа назад

    Kung sino man yang 2.9k na nag dislike sana di masarap ulam nyo

  • Nee
    Nee3 часа назад

    Everyone's commenting about how well they pulled off a sexy concept and all but all i could see was red lights... As in someone possessive or obsessive in a relationship trying to force their love, so i think this is more about a toxic relationship 😭

  • Fernanda González
    Fernanda González4 часа назад

    Im an ARMY bit this is cool song

  • Kim Asmae 🇩🇿
    Kim Asmae 🇩🇿4 часа назад

    I am in loooove

  • Kim Asmae 🇩🇿
    Kim Asmae 🇩🇿4 часа назад

    Song o the Year

  • Theo Vilate
    Theo Vilate4 часа назад

    eu tô viciado nessa música e no mv afferrr

  • Kim Asmae 🇩🇿
    Kim Asmae 🇩🇿4 часа назад

    I not okkk

  • sojurameeen
    sojurameeen4 часа назад

    OMGGG! I find them so hot in this mv!

  • Andria kim
    Andria kim4 часа назад

    What a perfect ❤️✨

    INDUSTRIAS YORYELIN C.A.4 часа назад

    When are you going to performance this song?

  • 𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐫𝐱𝐞𝐚
    𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐫𝐱𝐞𝐚4 часа назад

    This song makes me feel something I don't know (ᗒᗣᗕ)

  • WD40
    WD404 часа назад


  • yiki
    yiki5 часов назад

    them two trying to explain themselves on vlive after this is the most amusing show ive ever seen

  • 长𝖎𝖗𝖆 泣
    长𝖎𝖗𝖆 泣5 часов назад

    okay that vibes so gay

  • Wei Wuxian
    Wei Wuxian5 часов назад

    I still camp here :) can't stop, won't stop

  • alexツ
    alexツ5 часов назад


  • yuki
    yuki5 часов назад

    holy shit why have i never took interest to this before- it was all over on my fyp I'm not a skz stan hell even a kpop stan

  • cha cha
    cha cha6 часов назад

    Beyond my expectations I swear.....but then again its chan and hyunjin..,they are art themselves

  • Mariz Monzon
    Mariz Monzon6 часов назад


  • Anannya Sule
    Anannya Sule6 часов назад

    I came here just to see his long hair which now will be missed

  • Lokeya Huang
    Lokeya Huang6 часов назад


  • Harlxy_PlaysYT
    Harlxy_PlaysYT6 часов назад

    Guess what im 10 😃

  • jijiquokkaa
    jijiquokkaa7 часов назад

    Rest in peace hyunjin's long hair era. We'll surely miss you :)))))

  • Archana RK Moorthy
    Archana RK Moorthy7 часов назад

    Those who's living in a very chill, cold or snowy environment, tell me if the ice around you melts or the chill breeze turns warm.. Coz I really feel so hot in here ... man ... It's so racy ..

  • Kookie ve muzlu sütü
    Kookie ve muzlu sütü7 часов назад


  • Army and stay
    Army and stay7 часов назад

    I love this song plus mv

  • Army and stay
    Army and stay7 часов назад

    This song is a masterpiece

  • SkZ
    SkZ7 часов назад

    Thank you for giving us this creativity

  • SkZ
    SkZ7 часов назад

    It's really addictive

  • SkZ
    SkZ7 часов назад

    Bang Chan and Hyunjin They gave us the best song and the best production

  • Storm Kimel
    Storm Kimel7 часов назад

    it's giving BPD & BDSM

  • Donna MyStayDay
    Donna MyStayDay8 часов назад

    Back here again..because d*mn !!!

  • spear j 97
    spear j 978 часов назад

    Too gay to handle

  • VivianLourdess
    VivianLourdess8 часов назад

    A alguien mas le pasa que cuando están escuchando está canción se acuerda de las reacciones de Chan en los Chan's room o solo me pasa a mi

  • Lorena Muñoz Nava
    Lorena Muñoz Nava8 часов назад

    si se puede stay, estas vistas no suben solas hermoseees

  • nor afiqah
    nor afiqah8 часов назад

    Perfect month to be a stay

  • Best Jeonginista uwu
    Best Jeonginista uwu8 часов назад

    Hyunjin y Chan se ven tan bien en este video!! La canción es preciosa, la coreografía perfecta!!! Amo Red Lights!!

  • Evelyn Díaz
    Evelyn Díaz8 часов назад

    Increíble canción

  • kyoomi
    kyoomi 8 часов назад

    los amo lindos

  • Bunnayeony🐇
    Bunnayeony🐇8 часов назад


  • Dayana Aleeysha
    Dayana Aleeysha8 часов назад


  • Abdul Alim
    Abdul Alim8 часов назад

    I love them...and my holy eyes love them too 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

  • Javiera Diaz
    Javiera Diaz8 часов назад

    Simplemente superiores

  • Alondra Alcaraz
    Alondra Alcaraz8 часов назад

    Personalmente, me sentí atacada y me gustó

  • Aliester R
    Aliester R9 часов назад


  • Shing Larombe
    Shing Larombe9 часов назад

    The ppl who dated stray kids especially hyunjin and bang chan... im happy for u :((

  • Lia
    Lia9 часов назад

    PLS THE "Now, tell me you hate me" AND "But I know you and me" IS SO GOOD ASF

  • Vanshika
    Vanshika9 часов назад

    Ig this is my favorite skz song

  • I don't need to tell you my name
    I don't need to tell you my name9 часов назад

    One thing I don't like about is the outfits. Bang Chan seems to be fine with it, but Hyunjin himself said that he felt uncomfortable wearing clothes which expose his stomach or back. JYP shouldn't force idols to wear revealing stuff which they find uncomfortable to attract more fans. Hyunjin is still 21, and it's perfectly fine if he doesn't want to wear such stuff. It's lucky that Bang Chan is co-operative and is fine with such outfits, but if Hyunjin isn't, then he should have the freedom to wear whatever he wants. This is definitely not right. But this song is underrated. The instrumental, the vocals, visuals, MV- everything on point. And who doesn't love the HyunChan duo :)

  • Far Kar
    Far Kar9 часов назад

    Sooo hot

  • Thurkha Devi Sambamoorthy
    Thurkha Devi Sambamoorthy10 часов назад

    I-I.n wrote this…??

  • latif M N Al saud
    latif M N Al saud10 часов назад

    O my can't stop letting 2 desss 💋👅🎶🍓

  • 사라
    사라10 часов назад

    You are the best

  • Genoveva Kresent de rosella
    Genoveva Kresent de rosella10 часов назад


  • 💮kpop_127💮
    💮kpop_127💮10 часов назад


  • 💮kpop_127💮
    💮kpop_127💮10 часов назад


  • Ho Seok Jung
    Ho Seok Jung10 часов назад

    Que cosaaaa

  • Kelsey Dailey
    Kelsey Dailey10 часов назад

    sangwoo and yoonbum vibes

    ωGACHA KARANFİLω[TR-ARMY]💜🍫10 часов назад

    Ağağağa stream için geldim Channie,Jinnie

    ωGACHA KARANFİLω[TR-ARMY]💜🍫10 часов назад

    Seumnon geol

    ωGACHA KARANFİLω[TR-ARMY]💜🍫10 часов назад

    I cant breath"... by my side all die

    ωGACHA KARANFİLω[TR-ARMY]💜🍫10 часов назад

    Shh. Close my eyes.. Red Lights

  • Yasna Del Carmen
    Yasna Del Carmen10 часов назад

    Medio temazo ♡♡♡♡

  • jimin's jams
    jimin's jams10 часов назад

    I showed my mom this video and she said she wanted to be the bed.

    DAXXX10 часов назад

    YESSSSS You guys killed it 😫💕

  • Mony Sugardogs
    Mony Sugardogs11 часов назад

    this is the sexiest song of the year.

  • lwotusz
    lwotusz11 часов назад

    lagunya bagus bgt jujur

  • lwotusz
    lwotusz11 часов назад

    ya allah

  • mile
    mile11 часов назад

    al inicio no puedo evitar recordar adult ceremony de park jiyoon wkbfksnf

  • lwotusz
    lwotusz11 часов назад


  • twnwng
    twnwng11 часов назад

    Hyunjin has been chosen as Artist of the Month at Studio Choom for October... ! After his performance in Play with Fire and on here, I can't wait. Poor Studio Choom will need lots of water and oxygen. So will stays.

  • Gbrn Jim
    Gbrn Jim11 часов назад


  • Lix De Bang
    Lix De Bang11 часов назад

    a dónde tan hermosos y preciosos? ^^

  • JK
    JK11 часов назад

    necesito una presentación en vivo de esta canción

  • Jm got no Jams coz' Tae stole them and ate himself
    Jm got no Jams coz' Tae stole them and ate himself11 часов назад

    Anyone left alive here???? The one who is commenting to my soul which has already left my body.... Sry but I wasn't able to handle them both😵😵

  • Gabriela Ibacache
    Gabriela Ibacache11 часов назад

    Mis varones juntos son superiores

  • Erika Nuñez
    Erika Nuñez11 часов назад

    ARTE, como siempre 77

  • Kathe Pino
    Kathe Pino11 часов назад

    Me tiene obsesionada esta canción, primera vez que los pico y me encanto

  • MuLTisTaN -_-
    MuLTisTaN -_-11 часов назад

    what is the behavior Channie Jinnie? TT_TT

  • maria goyoneche
    maria goyoneche11 часов назад

    The video producer deserves an award

  • maria goyoneche
    maria goyoneche11 часов назад

    Are you seducing me?

  • Felix 🦖
    Felix 🦖11 часов назад


  • morgan
    morgan11 часов назад

    legs wide open 🤷🏾‍♀️

  • Sucky my ballys

    Sucky my ballys

    9 часов назад


  • yatoorin
    yatoorin11 часов назад

    Both of them literally slayed this concept , i have no words. this deserves more views istg. 😭❤

  • Carly Caiconte
    Carly Caiconte11 часов назад

    I loved this song has something that gives me peace of mind

  • The last Melon
    The last Melon11 часов назад

    Omega energy. If you know then you know.

  • arango gomez
    arango gomez11 часов назад

    HYUNJIN SERÁ EL ARTISTA DEL MES DE STUDIO CHOOM PARA EL MES DE OCTUBRE. ¡¡Esta parte de mi vida se llama felicidad!! :')

  • Ro Ro
    Ro Ro11 часов назад

    las vibras de esta canción me superan fueeerte, no puedo con tanto jsldjskz

  • Jia Ying
    Jia Ying12 часов назад

    When Bang Chan gets sexy... End me

  • eucalyptae
    eucalyptae12 часов назад

    ini konsepnya semacam irene seulgi - monster, so satisfying

  • lunabear
    lunabear12 часов назад

    As a stay who’s bias is hyunjin and bias wrecker is chan, this is just amazing for me